Quality Control

Savannah Wood offers our customers quality products with “Savannah Wood” tags. We adhere to rigid quality control standards that are constantly monitored both in-house and independently by a third party.

Our plant carefully follows the American Wood Protection Association’s (AWPA) “Standard Quality Control Procedures for Wood Preserving Plants” (Standard M3-11) as found in the latest edition of AWPA Book of Standards (AWPA, 2012, pp. 393-399).

Quality control begins when the plant operator completes a dated and consecutively numbered “Treating Sheet” for each charge (treating cylinder load) that shows the description and quantity of wood to be treated and provides a step-by-step procedure for calculating the proper amount of chemical to be injected into the wood.

Before any calculations are made, the treating solution strength is determined by an Oxford LX3500 X-ray Analyzer (analyzer and its operation manual are available in the Savannah Wood office.)

The Treating Sheet requires that a calculated final retention be computed. The calculated retention is periodically checked by taking boring samples from the treated product and analyzing them with the Oxford LX3500 for accuracy of calculated retention. Any charges that fail to meet the required chemical retention are re-treated.

In addition to the in-house quality control procedures, Savannah Wood subscribes to the services of Timber Products Inspection Agency, Inc. (TPI), Conyers, GA. TPI follows American Lumber Standards Committee guidelines for inspections and provides unannounced monthly inspections of our treated products to insure independent quality control.